In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the east coast was ravaged. From Florida to Maine people lost homes or had them severely damaged, They lost power, and even in some horrific cases a loved one was lost. The damage was spread far and wide, leaving the coast battered and bruised. 

People need something to long for, something to hold onto and seek comfort in these dark times.

Baseball for generations has captivated every person, even for a short time to give people comfort in. The need for the game is needed now more than ever. Through these times people forget about rivalries, forget about who's in first, forget about why their favorite player is taking a night off to rest. To them, it's an outlet, a keepsake of sorts. A way to know that things will only get better as time passes. 

To have an entire city rally around the team they love, to make that extra push, and go that extra mile. With everyone cheering their team on. 

The first thing I'll point to that this holds true, was I took a visit today to my grandmother's house. Both she and my great aunt have lost power since Saturday. When my sister and I first poked our heads in the door, my great aunt's first question to me was "Did you watch the Red Sox the other night?". Not noticing the oxygen tank she's been carrying around for the three days since they've lost power, I replied "I can't believe they finished both games." She quickly laughed and we got on the subject of the pitching rotation and some other scattered things around the game. My grandmother, was laughing. Though they were down about the situation they were in, they held on to one of the things that made them escape their doldrums, even if it was for a few hours. 

Sports, but baseball mainly, has never ceased to cature people's passion in the rough times. 

For our friends out west that may be reading this as well, baseball helped you out during a rough stretch as well. When the Loma Prieta earthquake struck the Bay Area in 1989, during the World Series between the Athletics and Giants. The fact that the tragedy was captured on live television made the people in the Bay Area rally more, not only for their team, but for those affected by the earthquake as well. 

The events and tragedies maybe gone, but they aren't forgotten. This game needs you to be a fan, even if it is for a few hours, take comfort, escape, more importantly, embrace it with those you love. Because you never know what will happen next.