With almost all the attention being on the new kid on the block Adrian Gonzalez, most Sox fans have forgotten about a certain fan favorite slugger who's never left. His name, David Ortiz. Now before people start jumping down my throat and say "Mike, he's always been here, where have you been?" In which you would be right to a degree. But there's something here that hasn't happened since the days of Manny Ramirez, plate protection. With Gonzalez and a red hot Kevin Youkilis hitting in front of him, Ortiz is seeing things he hasn't seen in a long time; pitches to hit. It's showing in a big way. Over the last seven days, Ortiz has been hitting some of the best pitches we've seen in a long time, even inching himself closer to Jose Bautista's league leading home run count(Ortiz with 17, Bautista with 21).

Ortiz is having a rebirth of a year in total so far, and is even in the running for the coveted Triple Crown race for the American League. He's currently fourth in batting average with .326, eighth in RBI with 43, and fourth again in homers with 17. All of this and the season has really only just started. 

His composure at the plate this season has been more relaxed, even starting strong out of the gate, unlike his last three seasons. He's confident, he's placing the ball in certain spots again instead of pulling them, much the the Ortiz from 2004-2007. Even the infamous bat flip hasn't phased him(Though it did get him hit the next night, but that's a different story for when the Yankees come back to town). 

Now this week should be a good opportunity for him to keep his pace going with a three game set against the Tampa Bay Rays in Tampa and the Milwakee Brewers at home for three after that. All he's gotta do is the thing he's been doing all season; be himself and he'll be just fine.