When the Red Sox finished their disaster of a 2012 season a lot of fans felt something they haven't felt in a long time. The feeling was relief. Relief that the disaster was finally over, the circus packed up, and most importantly the finger pointing was finally over.

The number one thing in the Red Sox list was to rehabilitate a fractured and toxic clubhouse, which actually began with the blockbuster waiver deal with the Dodgers by shipping Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to Los Angeles in exchange for James Loney and prospects. Out is also Bobby Valentine who's disastrous stint as manager left not only a clubhouse alienated, but fans and management as well. 

General Manager Ben Cherrington made some moves in the right direction so far by bringing in John Farrell, whom some may remember was apart of Terry Francona's staff before he took the managerial position in Toronto. Also Cherrington has not only brought in clubhouse guys in Pitcher Ryan Dempster and Outfielder Shane Victorino, but both guys have a reputation of being good clubhouse leaders as well. Something the team has lacked for a while. 

Some questions have been answered as well, like the uncertainty of the closer position. The Sox went out and got two time All-Star Joel Hanrahan to try to help fix the back end of the bullpen. The addition of Koji Uehara should also help fill in at the set up role. Uehara who pitched for the Rangers last year held the same role in setting up Joe Nathan and is a bit of a control specialist. 

Lastly, there's still moves to be made. There's still holes at first base, shortstop, and left field. There are pieces to be moved and with Mike Napoli still up in the air, this could be a bit of a wait and see process before the team takes the field against the Yankees for the first game of the season.