As we all found out yesterday, there was no one selected to the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame. For only the eighth time in history has something like this happened. This year however, had a different look. A different feel. The reason being is that there were some names that were on the list that are famous(or in some cases infamous) that were up for their shot to get into the hall of the elite; The Baseball Hall of Fame.

It's not the fact that no one was elected that bothers me, it's why no one was elected. Yes, this was the first year that some of the Steroid Era players have started appearing on the ballot. With the likes of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire as some of the candidates. 

What's the one thing standing between those guys and baseball immortality? The Baseball Writers Association of America or BBWAA for short. This group of people, like a secret cult think they are protecting the integrity of the game by using personal vendettas against players in order to elect the guys they like. Don't believe me? Look at how long it took Jim Rice to make it to Cooperstown(Rice was famous for not wanting to talk to the media in his playing days). So when the first batch of guys from the recent era came up for election, they used their vendettas once again and used "Protecting the game" as an excuse to block entry to even some deserving candidates like former catcher Mike Piazza.

Now needed to get into the Hall is 75 votes. Who lead that category? Barry Bonds? Nope. Roger Clemens? Nope. Curt Schilling? Nope. The leader was none other than former Astros second baseman Craig Biggio. Now yes, being a 3000 hit player is certainly Hall worthy; but was he the best of his generation? Absolutely not. For all intents and purposes Biggio had a great career but never really stood out. 

Now lets do something unorthodox and taboo in baseball, lets throw out the steroids and lets judge each candidate purely on talent. By doing so, even before the steroids Barry Bonds was a Hall of Fame player. A member of the 40/40 club, gold glove fielder, and Silver Slugger award winner. Roger Clemens was a 3 time Cy Young Award winner before it was said that he used in Toronto. He should be in as well. Curt Schilling is a tough one for people and it's understandable. He was possibly the best big game pitcher in baseball history. To me he's not Hall worthy for a few reasons. One being that he wasn't the best pitcher of his era. When you're pitching around guys like Greg Maddox, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and Clemens, you have to be on your game at all times. Schilling was a "Robin", playing the number two guy twice on championship teams(Johnson in 2001 and Martinez in 2004). Another huge part that hurts Schilling was his wins and ERA. With 216 wins and a 3.46 ERA, it's very hard to get in with numbers like that. 

If you let the pure talent get in, the game won't be stained. It won't be dirty, and furthermore it won't be damaged. Yes, some of these men made mistakes, but they shouldn't be crucified for them.