I know what you're thinking, a 25-0 rout of Northeastern University shouldn't be talked about. In most cases this would be true, but when it comes to the Spring debut of the Red Sox after an abysmal September, you're willing to see a glimpse of what this team looks like.

Like many other Red Sox fans, I wanted to forget about what happened last season. Enter Cody Ross. Ross was a free agent pick up this offseason, signing a 1 year deal with the Sox in hopes of gaining a spot as the everyday Right Fielder. Yesterday's game, he made a case for himself. 

Ross was strong at the plate, hitting two homers, one of which was a grand slam. Adrian Gonzalez also connected for a homer in the rout. 

About the homers Ross told the press "It was good. It’s one of those days where you just want to go out and get the cobwebs dusted off. Just as a team go out and try not to get hurt, just play the game, and we played well today." 

When I talked to former Red Sox, now Yankee Bill Hall(Ross's former teammate in San Fransisco) about Ross before the season via Twitter, he said something that really made me feel good about the signing "#TheNation will love him.". Bill, it may be early, but you my friend were right.

Jon Lester also pitched in this game going two strong with 2 K's on 22 pitches, 16 of which were strikes. 

There's no denying the sour taste that was left in many Red Sox fans mouths after the season ended. If this keeps up, there's a lot to look forward to.