Exiting Toronto and dropping four of their last six, the Red Sox find themselves limping into Tampa Bay. Tampa, who has had Boston's number as of late, and are riding a hot streak after taking four of their last five. 

Injuries have taken their toll again. This time it's pitchers Josh Beckett(ankle) and Erik Bedard(knee). Beckett, who's injury some thought may have been a lot worse than what it was, turns out to be a sprain for the hard throwing right hander. Bedard just only missed his one start and should be available for his next. Beckett will miss his start also, and is scheduled to pitch his next time out. 

JD Drew's rehab stint in AAA Pawtucket hasn't been going so well either. Drew wound up injuring a finger on a missed fastball and will stay with Pawtucket until the injury has fully recovered. 

"Carl Crawford, who?" seems to be the mindset over in Tampa with the emergence of Left Fielder, Desomd Jennings. Jennings has been hitting .302, with 9 homers, and 21 RBI in only 44 games since being called up from AAA Durham. 

In some of these losses over the last week it hasn't been the offense that has been the problem. Once again Sox pitching blows it, more so, the bullpen. Daniel Bard, who up until this point has been remarkable coming out of the bullpen to set up for closer Jonathan Papelbon. In his last two outings, Bard has imploded. Blowing leads, and overall missing his locations. 

You can hate me if you want for this, but it's time to take Tim Wakefield out of the rotation. Since getting win 199, Wakefield has had his chances for 200. Though, some of those losses weren't his fault, the ones that were, were bad. Wakefield's stagnant starts could be the signs that he could be done. The problem that lies in this, is how do you tell someone who's been serviceable to your team for so long to take a step back? This is going to be something Manager Terry Francona must think about before heading into the playoffs. 

Tonight's game will feature John Lackey and Wade Davis. Lackey, who was rocked last time out, going 5 IP and giving up 6 to a potent Rangers lineup; and is looking for redemptoin against a hot Tampa Bay team.