So it's been a while since I've whipped up an article for this team. A lot has happened in the time that I've been gone. Mainly the trade of the guy that has his name attached to this very blog. 

It's no secret that this year's edition of the Red Sox is probably one of the most mediocre in years, and the likability of the squad and ownership is at the lowest it's been since Butch Hobson was manager. Whether it's the ownership hocking merchandise down our throats, the players throwing tantrums, or Bobby V just not shutting up; fans have just grown tired of the act. 

Red Sox fans right now are frustrated, it's hard not to blame them either. The up and down play of the team is a roller coaster ride that really doesn't sit well with many. They'll go out and win seven, then drop seven. Just like that. 

It's not the bricks, or the money, or the other merchandise, that has me angry either; it's the complete lack of caring that this ownership has shown over the last three years that really has people like myself frustrated. I get why Theo left. I get why they let Francona walk. What I don't get is their commitment. Are they truly committed, or are they just milking the cash cow that is the Red Sox to eventually sell the team off?  

It feels like a nation divided between fans. Many are against the new moves, mainly because they aren't familiar with the personnel. While others are embracing the change, with moderate concerns about the direction the team is headed. 

Lastly, let's stop all the "Let's catch the Yankees" talk. As hard as it is for me to say it, unless the pinstripes pull a 2011 Red Sox; they won't be caught. 

Positives that have come out of this season so far. The bullpen for one. Yes, the very same bullpen that has been the Achilles heel of the team, is now one of its best strengths. The play of Cody Ross is another. Who would have thought that a guy that has been a role player for many teams, would up and be a key contributor for this team, this season? The fact is "The Boss" has been a real asset to the team. 

I'll say it, this team still reeks of "Chicken and Beer". There's no way around it. It's going to stay that way until they either A.) Reach the playoffs or B.) Get rid of the problems. Option A is going to be the most likely answer. I feel that the brass is too stubborn to do option B. Admission to failure has never been something that upper management wants to admit. 

It's a very tough 2012 so far, hopefully it gets better after the deadline.