Well, last night was a miserable experience for the Red Sox for sure. Not only was the 13-0 loss something to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the average fan, but it was what happened after the game that made that taste even worse.

Last night wasn't the best conditions to be played. It was obvious by the dreary, rainy day that had plagued the city of Boston could have seen a recipe for disaster. Well the perfect storm struck last night, but it had nothing to do with the weather. It started with starting pitcher Alfredo Aceves. 

Aceves had a night to remember for all the wrong reasons. In his 3.1 innings pitched, Aceves gave up 7 hits, 8 runs(7 earned), 4 walks, 2 balks, and gave up a home run. His third inning alone gave up 4 hits, 6 runs, 2 balks, and error, and failed even to go to first on a routine play. Oh yeah, he also threw 42 pitches that inning. Knuckleballer Steven Wright didn't fair well either in his major league debut. Giving up 5 runs(all earned) and 4 walks. The game would eventually be called after 7 innings. 

Now after a game like this you would think you'd show some kind of humility, right? Well, Aceves didn't. He went on to blame everything from the umpire's strike zone, to conditions, to even his own teammates. Claiming that his teammates didn't have his back, and even went on to say "We got our hacks, why don't we hit?". Now I'm no genius, but your teammates are not a group of people you want to piss off. I'd be red(no pun intended) if I had heard that.

Now the aftermath of the whole thing is manager John Farrell, who basically said that Aceves is out of the rotation and will go back to the bullpen. 

So this leaves the question of who gets the start on Sunday in his place? Well, it may be as easy as saying John Lackey will. Lackey, who's currently rehabbing with Double A Portland as been pitching well on his way back. Should Lackey not be able to make his start on Sunday, a lot of speculation is that John Farrell will opt for rookie Alan Webster once again. A move that will put more people at ease.