Just last year the Red Sox put in a huge blockbuster trade with the Dodgers sending away over $261 million in contracts over the next couple years. One of those players was all star slugger outfield, Carl Crawford. Crawford's contract was on average just over $20 million a year. Though he was injured at the time when he returns I believe he will be a clutch hitter.... for the Dodgers. This offseason the Red Sox picked up OF Shane Victorino. Last summer it seemed like Red Sox nation was finally glad to get rid of Crawford's 7 year contract and yet we pulled in Victorino's contract. YES i understand we cut the length in half with Victorino's only being 3 years but it's averaged at $30 million a year. Red Sox have a payroll of approximately $170 million and just blew $30 million of that. Mission... failed in my mind! To compare Crawford and Victorino in their 162 game aveage I created a chart comparing; AVG, extra base hits, steals, OBP, SLG, RBI and fielding percentages to follow: (Highlight denotes Crawford vs Victorino winner) Now that I have chosen Crawford over Victorino I want to hear from you! So leave a comment on who you think would have been the better choice and why!

Stats (162 game average) Crawford Victorino
Average (%) 0.292 0.275
Extra Base Hits 42 30
Steals 50 30
OBP (%) 0.332 0.341
SLG (%) 0.441 0.431
RBI 77 62

Since the chart is not showing right the first number beside each stat is Crawford and the second is Victorino. Victorino's only highlight over Crawford is OBP