2011- The year of the September breakdown

2012- The worst Red Sox season in decades

2013- A new season, a new team and a new chance for redemption

            Spring training is all over and tonight is opening night. Tomorrow the Red Sox will hit Yankee stadium and hopefully hit a few homers to get off to a good start. The Sox had a pretty good spring training especially from Jon Lester's point of view who pitched some spectacular games. Rookies like Jackie Bradley Jr. showed their talent and Bradley got himself a spot on the opening day lineup! The last time the Red Sox won an opening day game was 2010 versus the Yankees at Fenway and Red Sox nation hopes to do it again. Here is a preview and my predictions on the Red Sox first series on the field.

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees (3 games)

People have been questioning lately whether or not this is still a rivalry or just two teams going head-to-head. Some might even say they are just fighting for four place now unlike how they used to battle for the AL East. This series will open the first 3 of 19 games between these two and the Sox will be putting Lester, Buchholz, and Dempster on the mound while the Yankees will play Sabathia, Kuroda, and Pettitte. For the pitching matchups I believe the Yankees have a slight edge as Sabathia is always a clutch pitcher but Lester will give him a good run so if you want to see a pitcher's game I recommend you watch game 1. Looking at each of the batting lineups the Sox have the clear run away with this one due to all the Yankee's injuries. No Granderson, Teixeira, Jeter or A-Rod will hurt this lineup to start the season. Red Sox clutch batters including Pedroia, Ellsbury and Napoli will come through this series and I hope that Bradley shows that he deserves this spot on the team. Lastly, looking at the bullpen this seems to be a very close matchup assuming we can keep Rivera out of the game. Being his last season he will be very tough to face just as Ray Lewis was for his last NFL season. John Farrell will be making his regular season debut with the Sox being manager as he tries to repair a broken team. "Our goal and our expectations has not changed one bit inside the clubhouse, and that's to compete and contend for a division title," Farrell said.​ Bradley will be out there to prove his place and the Yankees will be hoping their late changes to cover injuries will workout but overall it will be a great opening series.

Game 1: Lester vs. Sabathia  3-2 Red Sox

Game 2: Buchholz vs. Kuroda 4-1 Red Sox

Game 3: Dempster vs. Pettitte 6-5 Yankees

One day this was a rivalry but now it is just another game.