With their heated age-old rivalry set to resume this weekend, I'd be remiss if I failed to recognize some of the more significant dates in the history of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.


On this particular afternoon, the Red Sox were in the Bronx to take on the Yankees when all hell broke loose.


During the sixth inning of the game, New York's Lou Piniella was breaking for home on an Otto Velez single when he barreled into Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk. This infuriated Fisk who got into an intense shoving match with Piniella before both benches cleared and a brawl ensued.


After the fighting died down, Boston pitcher Bill Lee and Yanks' third-baseman Graig Nettles got into an altercation, exchanging words and then punches, resurfacing the brawl. In the melee, Lee suffered a separated soldier and was forced to miss much of the season.


In the aftermath of the brawl, Bill Lee went as far as calling (then-Yankee manager) Billy Martin a Nazi and the Yankees "(Georger) Steinbrenner's brownshirts."


May 20, 1976: just another chapter in the intense rivalry that is the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.