It took four tries but they finally made it. Sitting at a record of 21-20 after an abysmal 2-9 start the Red Sox are finally over .500. There isn't one thing you can point at with this team when it comes to the turn around. They're playing like a winning ball club. 1B Adrian Gonzalez has been leading the charge offensively boasting an average of .386, 7 homers, and 15 RBI over his last 10 games. Proving to Sox fans he's the real deal when he was so sought after over the last two seasons. Also proving he's not soft has been Jacoby Ellsbury, who's been solidified as the Sox leadoff man, stealing 5 bases in his last 10 games, with an OBP of .389. They aren't just getting it done on offense either, when the bats are cooled for the night its been Josh Beckett who's been more like the Beckett of 2007 with dominant performances  allowing 0 HR's, 0 hits, and 0 earned runs over his last two starts. Clay Buccholz has been equally as dominant over his last two starts and is starting to shape into the pitcher he was last season going 2-0, allowing 2 earned runs, 1 HR, and 13 strikeouts. 

With some of these things coming into play, it's been easy to look over what Jonathan Papelbon has done as well. Papelbon looks focused again and has been throwing some of the better pitches we've known him to do over the course of his career in Boston. Though only blowing one save this season, he's turning that corner with 7 saves and boasting an ERA of 2.73 creeping down from what was a 3.18 ERA earlier in the month. He seems like he's finally getting his confidence back. 

The Curious Case of Carl Crawford hasn't ended yet. Manager Terry Fancona continues to juggle his spot in the line up and continues to get varyed results in certain spots. Though his stats may not reflect the type of numbers he's used to boasting, Crawford does look at points (especially recently) that he's turning the corner and could start spraying the ball like how fans in Tampa saw him do for 8 seasons. 

With the Orioles, Tigers, and the Cubs making their first trip to Fenway since 1918, could lead to a very fun series over the weekend and the series I'm looking forward to the most.