Last night at Fenway Park, the Toronto Blue Jays lost by getting called out at home plate for their final out. The Red Sox held on for the 3-2 victory but with a closer look at the play at the plate, it looks as though the Jays have some reason to be upset.


In the ninth inning of last night's Jays/Red Sox game, Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon appeared to be letting his save opportunity slip away, especially when Adam Lind of Toronto hit the ball into left-field that would have appeared to drive in Edwin Encarnacion. The only problem with that was that Red Sox left-fielder Darnell McDonald was on the ball and rocketed the throw to catcher Jason Varitek who tagged a surging Encarnacion at home in time to get the out and preserve the win.


Depending on who was looking at it, there was some controversy involving last night's play at home plate, particularly because Jason Varitek was blocking the plate with his left leg. Well, last I checked, a catcher blocking the plate with his leg constitutes as a legal play - and a veteran play at that.


To any Jays fans who have a problem with last night's game-ending tag, get over it. I can't say I'm at all surprised because the only reason why Jays fans hate the Red Sox so much is because they knew how inferior they are to them. Furthermore, they're flat-out jealous of all the success the Red Sox have had over the better part of the last decade.


Just shut up. So many Jays fans keep living in the past by boasting about their World Series wins in 1992 and '93. They felt they'd always have a leg up on Boston in that department - and then, much to Toronto's dismay, 2004 happened.


At least in the case of the New York Yankees, their rivalry with the Boston Red Sox is one almost as old as the game of baseball itself. It's a love-hate relationship that has gone the way of the Yankees for the majority but, since the millennium, the Red Sox have turned the tables and it has turned into a heated rivalry between two teams who find themselves neck-and-neck more times than the Hatfields and the McCoys some 125 years ago.


It's simple: the better the play, the stronger that resentment is. The Toronto Blue Jays have definitely had Boston's number many times over the last decade but the only real reason for resentment towards the Jays is that their fans hate the Red Sox with a passion the same reason they hate the Yankees: because they're good and because they show Major League Baseball year-in and year-out why they're so good.


Do you really expect me to believe it's Boston's fault that the Jays don't know how to put together a successful baseball team? Is it Boston's fault that previous GMs Gord Ash and JP Ricciardi enjoyed throwing money at any player they saw fit? Is it Boston's fault that the latter, upon being hired by Toronto, said he would follow (Oakland A's GM) Billy Beane's 'Moneyball' method by signing talented players at a low price to compete and then went out and did the complete opposite?


Again, shut up. Jays fans want to whine and moan about life's not fair then go ahead. It certainly isn't anything new. I doubt I have to remind anyone of this but the Red Sox did have to wait 86 years for a World Series title. Let's not forget that during their all four of their World Series trips during that time, the Red Sox fell just one game short each of those times with the latter (not to mention the most heartbreaking) coming in 1986. Oh, and here's a little food for thought: the Boston Red Sox became the last baseball team to integrate, which labeled them as a racist team without everyone knowing all the facts. So, if Jays fans to talk unfair, I'm all game.


Blame the payrolls of the Red Sox and Yankees all you want to but just remember who won the AL East in 2008: the Tampa Bay Rays, whose payroll was significantly lower than Boston and New York's and quite a bit less than Toronto's. How do you fathom that?


Last night's end result sure was a tough break but, you know something, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on (no pun intended). That's the life is so deal with it.


In a way, I'm looking forward to seeing the Jays make the playoffs or even win a World Series. Maybe then, some of the whining will subside. Hey, one can only hope, right?