John Lackey was 6-1 in his last eight starts, that was until he met the buzzsaw that was the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays once again have made the Sox look mortal. Even more so today. Tampa has managed to make the Red Sox eat donuts, not the good kind either. The kind that make you want to puke on your shoes and call it a night. 

There was some hope coming into this game with Lackey, who previously mentioned was 6-1 in his last eight starts. Well, every dominant streak has a hiccup right? Like Erik Bedard the night before, Lackey could not get it going against the Rays. Missing locations that cost him four runs in his loss. 

While on the other side David Price once again dominated the Sox. Stifling a very potent Sox line up and making them look like they just didn't want to play today. Tampa's bats did the talking as well. Ben Zorbist was the player of the game in my eyes. With two hits and two RBI's in the game, while both Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton smashed homers off of Lackey in the fourth and fifth. 

Now, I'm going to shoot from the hip on this(Something I rarely do) and speak for a lot of frustrated Red Sox fans. This loss today only proves one thing, the Sox need to pull themselves together and get it going. Don't use the long road trip and jetlag as an excuse. You got your asses handed to you plain and simple over the last six games. It's time to get your heads in the game, be the patient hitters you are and dominate the plate on the other side. You let a 2.5 game lead slip away and now you're looking up. Because you're playing teams that aren't elite gives you an excuse to sleep on both sides of the field for two series? Yeah there was two wins, but losing a series to Tampa who is good, but then dropping two games against the Mariners? Come on now! It's August, there's only six weeks left in the season with six up in the Wild Card. Keep playing like this and once again the Angels will knock your asses out again. This time it won't be in the postseason. 

There, I'm done ranting. Have a nice day.