The past 48 hours since Buchholz pitched versus the Jays has been a media nightmare for him. After being named the American League pitcher of the month for April and winning his 6th game of the season Buchholz was closly watched by Sportsnet's, Dirk Hayhurst.

On Wedneday, Clay went 7 strong innings with no runs allowed to get his 6th win of the year in a 10-1 Sox win. After the game when Farrell was questioned about the accusation he said:

        "It bothers me immensely when someone is going to make an accusation, and   in this case cheating, because they've seen something on TV. He's got rosin on his arm. I think rosin was designed to get a grip. But the fact is, he's got it on his arm. I've seen some people who have brought photographs to me. They're false, The fact is the guy's 6-0; he's pitched his tail off. If people are going to point to him cheating? Unfounded"


The next morning when Buchholz was questioned about if he is using illegal substances on his arm he said:

               "There’s a rosin bag behind the mound and it’s there for everybody to use every inning after our warm-up. Put rosin on my arm throughout the game. Sweat, water, whatever. … Sometimes I put a little thing of water on my hip just to get moisture on your hands. Cause sometimes the balls that they throw to you feel like cue balls off a pool table. Got to find a way to get grip. But yeah, I mean, definitely no foreign objects or substances on my arm."


While I was watching the Jays vs Sox game on Thursday I was happy to hear one of the Blue Jay announcers say that it's just like steroids. It will happen and it's apart of the game and if we honestly looked at the majority of pitchers I bet over 50% do it too!


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