"The impact of stealing second base against Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning in Game 4 against the Yankees didn't sink in until we came back from that 3-0 deficit and beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS and then went on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals for the World Series title. Those victories broke an 86 year curse. I now understand the magnitude of what happened, and I am constantly reminded of the steal and it's place in Red Sox history." - Dave Roberts

These words are not only signifiacant, but they're impactful. In fourty five minutes the Red Sox take the field against the Baltimore Orioles with everything on the line. Much like the 2004 team, this team has their backs against the wall in a "do or die" situation. How they handle themselves, will be made in just a few moments. 

With frustrating animosity, the Sox have brought themselves into this position. One game (possibly two) to lay it all out on the line and play the way that they know they can. 

The key to this game is to rough up a Baltimore Orioles staff early and often. Disrupt, devour, and dispense, any pitch that looks well enough to put some wood on it. 

Tonight's pitching match up will be between Jon Lester and Alfredo Simon. Looking at the statistics(Opposing BA against the teams with pitcher on the mound; .232 against Baltimore for Lester, .324 for Simon against Boston), the match up heavily favors Lester, but as any Red Sox fan knows, numbers mean nothing when everything is on the line. 

As of late, this team has lacked punch, lacked drive, lacked even the common fundamentals of the game. 

The drive to 11 is within their grasp, should they take hold and go, They'll be one game closer to achieving their goal. It starts tonight. It starts now!