The Sox got swept by the Rangers. Not a huge deal, they're a really good team. The Sox get swept by the Indians? Not a good thing one bit. Now the Yankees are coming? ...wonderful.

Lackluster is the best word to describe the performance of the Red Sox this past week. Weak pitching, weak bullpen, weak bats are all to be blamed for this. Not even the ghost of Ted Williams could help out in getting this team motivated. It's not like we can point the finger at one singular thing and say "That's the problem!", it's everything. 

Now taking away Jon Lester's great performance in a loss in the loss yesterday to Fausto Carmona, who simply just outpitched the ace, this team all around has looked anemic. Daniel Bard getting knocked around for 4 runs in the opener, Carl Crawford's line up juggle act, Ellsbury trying to be on every highlight reel, are just a small portion of what's wrong right now. Leaving people like myself going "This can't be real". Sure enough, it is. The 0-6 start is the worst thng for this team coming out of the gate in recent memory, and the 4th worst start in franchise history. The last time this team stumbled out of the gate like this was a 0-5 start back in 1996, when coincidently the also opened that season with the Texas Rangers. Then manager, Kevin Kennedy righted the ship, but it was too little too late losing that Wild Card spot to a Baltimore Orioles team who were firing on all cylinders. Does this years team hold that same fate? It's possible right now. The similarites are there so far for both of these two teams. 

Today the Yankees roll into Fenway with a 4-2 record and who also have questions of their own with pitching. The historic rivalry betweem these two teams needs no inrtoduction. Hoping for another fantastic series against the hated pinstripes. But the only way for the Sox to take this series would be for them to just play baseball. Don't think about what you're not doing and concentrate on what is going on in front of you. It starts with a hit, a big play on defense, or a strikeout. Smalls steps to get you rolling could play dividends later on.

Pitching match ups for this Weekend


John Lackey (0-1 22.09 ERA) vs Philip Hughes (0-1 11.29 ERA)


Clay Buhholz (0-1 5.68 ERA) vs Ivan Nova (1-0 4.50 ERA)

4/10 (Mike's pick for the rubber match)

Josh Beckett (0-1 5.40 ERA vs CC Sabathia (0-0 1.38 ERA)

There's lot's to build on for not only this team, but for the fans as well. Don't disappoint on the first trip home. For now though, I'm out. Keep the faith Sox fans.