93 years. That's how long it's been since the Cubbies set foot on the grass in Boston. For 86 years these two teams were the epitome of what not to do when it came down to the clutch. For fans in both cities, they could relate with one another. They knew of their teams triumphs and tragedies. Babe Ruth, The Billy Goat, Bill Buckner, Steve Bartman, all names synonymous with the failures in their respected histories. As of 2004 though, it became new territory for those here in Boston. A sense of euphoria never felt before in the streets of not just Boston, but all of New England and beyond. While Cubs fans sit wondering "Why not us?". There are still fans here(like myself) that would like to see the Cubs do well for their fans. Hell, if the Sox did it, they can too. 

Some numbers since the last time these two teams met in Boston.

17- The number of presidents since the Cubs came to Fenway

13- number of teams that were brought into the league

2 World Wars 

20- number of most strikeouts in a game held by both former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens and current Cub Kerry Wood.

3- number of times the single season home run record was broken.

4,256- number of hits needed for Pete Rose to break Ty Cobb's all time hits record

...and that's just some of the things that have happened during that time.


As much as these two teams were connected for a great amount of time; they have steered in different directions over the last 7 years. Is there a little jealousy by Cubs fans towards Red Sox fans? it's possible. Does the historical match up really make both teams excited? It might, though the players and management will say "...It's just another game.".

To those that have traveled from near and far this weekend I hope you enjoy your stay and games. Have fun in the fact you're seeing something historical. The memories could last for another 93 years.